John and Shai backstage!


John and Shai backstage!


Shailene Woodley and Theo James at Screenings & Premieres of Divergent.

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But on a Wednesday in a cafe

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@nickjonas: Wait.. egging is still a thing?

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Life's too short to feel shut-out and unloved
by the sister I longed to know.

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Sophia Grace and Rosie met Selena Gomez. Fun fact: Selena Gomez’s hair smells lovely, like hairspray.

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@selenagomez I’m very disappointed you know I thought that you are one of those woman that would be a role model to us that when a guy hurts us we should move on and not go back to then that guy ( like so many times ) if you want to be a really good rolemodel to your fans and little sister you should show us that we should not give our heart to anyone to break it over and over again and that when we really want to find that someone that we should ask good and pray to him for that guy . I have a big sister she always told me that I should just always pray to god for everything I need because everything you have our even all the people is not because of us it’s because of God he gives us strength to wake up everyday to do everything you are is because of him . You I’m a very big fan I know everyone of us makes mistakes we should forgive but we should also learn that when their doing something bad we should not also support it Maybe what in trying to say is that please not get involved to Justin bieber Your better then that I always pray that one day that he will change because I know u love him but when it’s to much you have to leave him if his pulling u away from your family should not love him anymore you know family will always be there not boyfriends they come and go but it does not mean that they will really be there forever people has limit you know family is EVERTHING !!

In everything you do I’ll support you even if it disappoints me ;)

Someone told me that when you think you found that special person that you would spend forever with pray to God about it and ask that person ” are you willing to die for me and stay faithful ? ”

- truly yours
Marianne Jolette :))